What services do you provide?

  • Individual tax services
  • Business tax services
  • Trust tax return preparation
  • Amended tax return preparations
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial planning
  • Incorporation services
  • Tax audit representation
  • Business valuations
  • Corporate & personal financial statements
  • Offers-in-compromise
  • Non-profit tax exempt applications.

Who needs an accountant?

Everyone needs an accountant. In an environment where the tax laws change ever so frequently and financial planning and retirement planning is ever so critical, accountants can help their clients make important decisions that affect their financial future. In the end, our financial planning services will give you more control over your business and personal finances as we work together to navigate any uncertainty that lies ahead.

For your tax services, we will need a copy of the prior year tax returns, state and federal, W-2's, 1098-Int, 1099's, and other income and expenses if self-employed, to name a few. Please review the list here for more details.

How do you keep up with the latest tax laws?

To provide the Merrick, NY area with the highest standard of tax services, we maintain our continuing education as required by the AICPA, IRS and NY State. We subscribe and read weekly and monthly publications that provide updates to the latest accounting and tax rules and laws.

When can I expect to see my completed tax returns from you?

If an appointment is scheduled and all necessary information is provided, you may leave the same day with your tax return. If your information is mailed or digitally sent to us we operate on a 3-4 week turnaround during tax season.

What happens if I receive a letter from a government agency about my return?

If you receive a letter about your tax return, immediately send us a copy of the letter and we can let you know what the next steps are, if any.